I was born on March 26th 1991 in Vienna. After going to primary school (VS Hietzinger Hauptstraße 166), I went to secondary academic school (AHS WkRg Dominikanerinnen) and graduated, obtaining my university-entrance diploma (Matura) in 2009.


After finishing secondary school, I started my academic path by enrolling in the undergraduate studies towards a bachelor's degree in information technology (with the specialization Software and Information Engineering) at the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology). I earned my bachelor's degree (BSc) in 2012 and my diploma (MSc, Dipl.-Ing.) in 2015. The topic of my diploma (master's) thesis is Smart Prefetching for Mobile Users under Volatile Network Conditions. The topic of my undergraduate thesis is the (currently discarded) international agreement ACTA and its impact in the field of IT and internet law.


During my studies, apart from the curricular research, including my bachelor's and master's theses as well as several minor papers, I have conducted research and did practical work at SIMPLI-CITY, a project aimed at building the road user information system of the future, funded by the European Commission.

After earning my diploma, I started working as a full-time project assistant (research scientist) at my university, while working towards a PhD degree. I am part of the Distributed Systems Group (DSG), a working group at the TU Wien, and am currently starting my academic carreer there.


Apart from several small-to-medium-sized software projects for private users, I have completed several internships during summer breaks, including Siemens AG Österreich and ASFiNAG, the Austrian highway administration and maintenance company. During my studies I have been working as a tutor at the Vienna University of Technology, where I have been performing several tasks, including teaching programming to first-semester students.

During the finishing of my studies, I worked at Flatout Technologies, a company in Vienna building smart home device integration solutions. My tasks ranged from developing a component of the smart home solution over establishing testing strategies throughout the code base to development operations and project management activities.

For a short period I was working as a software engineer at EclipseSource, a company aiming at industrial-quality development, with a focus on open source software in the Eclipse ecosystem.

Currently, as already stated, I am working as a project-assistant at TU Wien (see "Research").


Having Polish roots, I was raised by my parents bi-lingually. I speak German, Polish, English and very little French; I am currently also learning Austrian Sign Language. I grew up in Hietzing, the 13th district of Vienna. During my studies I lived in Ottakring, the 16th district, for a year, until I moved to Simmering, the 11th district of Vienna, where I currently live. I plan on moving back to Hietzing in 2016.

I have a younger sister who just finished secondary school and is starting her studies.


  • The Distributed Systems Group (DSG) of the Information Systems Institute at the TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) conducts research and teaching in distributed computing and systems.
  • CREMA is the EU project I am currently contributing to. The project aims at providing manufacturing companies the flexibility to react to demands and to be able to offer production capacities in a rapid and flexible way.
  • You can find my diploma (master) thesis here. Its topic is Smart Prefetching for Mobile Users under Volatile Network Conditions and its aim is to analyze and discuss the applicability of data prefetching in (predominantly) wireless networks. Also, a prefetching algorithm is proposed and its performance evaluated.
  • EclipseSource is a company providing a range of products and services from technology development, production and developer support, training and mentoring to management and provisioning solutions. A major focus lies in the adoption of Eclipse in applications ranging from web services over middleware solutions on to server applications.
  • Flatout Technologies is a Vienna-Based company designing a fully integrated, cloud-based solution for smart homes, aiming at automatization, optimizing power usage and easing the use of home devices aimed at the integration of existing device types and protocols into a unified, user-friendly application system.
  • SIMPLI-CITY is a multi-lateral project co-funded by the European Union with the goal of developing a road user infrastructure system utilizing knowledge from the fields of Ubiquitous Computing, the Semantic Web, the Internet of Things and Pervasive Computing.
  • You can find my undergraduate (bachelor) thesis here. Its topic is ACTA, the international agreement, which was in the public spotlight in 2012 due to its issues with privacy and freedom of the internet.